A Place to Call Home

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Artist Business Name Piece Name About the Piece Image
Naomi Not Just for Salads This is a hypertufa of a number of items I've picked up over the years. The castle is the last 4-H project I did in pottery, and has survived over 20 moves since moving to brandon in 1999. The snail is a little guy my grandon mona had in her plants in Pilot Mound, and the fairy reminds me that life is full of the unexpected!
Blaine BNRC Whereever the earth opens, welcomes and inspires, there you are at home.
Thaisa A photo of the church from home
Morgan Pencil Drawing Home is the smell of cookies baking in the oven, going to sleep in my bed at night with my cat sleeping on me.
Seth Drawing of A Place to Call Home
Christian home is....playing video games!
Jayden A painting of A Place to Call Home
Nancy In Progress, A Painting of My Mom and the House
Nancy From sketchbook, Canada
The places where I can do the things I love to do and be myself.
Heather Work in progress, a painting of the view to my backyard.
Sophie Clay Kettle The Kettle wakes me up everyday and its really annoying, but it still feels like HOME.
Chloe Your home where you grow up is where you have a good life.
Beth A Place to Call Home is.... Playing with my Dog in the Bush at the Cabin
Christian A Place to Call Home Diorama - clay, natural materials
Jessie Artwork made at home for A Place to Call home
Kate A Place to Call Home Pencil Crayon Drawing
Megan A Place to Call Home - My Dad is in the military. Clay Portrait
Jacob Home
Maya Home is... The Table (made in clay)
Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cross My cultural cross and symbol that represents my heritage Speech Lake, MB
BEEP What home means to me..... Created at BEEP (Brandon Energy Efficiency Program)
Myles BEEP What home means to me....
Christo BEEP Home is......Rolie Polie Olie playing on the slide and swings
Nazar Home smells in the house and in the backyard... Soap, grass, coffee, chicken, grass, fish, tea I added wings because the smells are flying through the air. This installation with tea bags, coffee, collage
Natsumi Home is... Traditional food at home in Japan. I am visiting Canada this year and returning home to Japan soon. This is a ceramic piece sculpted from clay, each individual piece is separate and can be placed on the tray.
Anonymous I want my home to feel peaceful.
The smell of lilacs in the springtime.